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5 Creative Ways To Use Merch As Giveaways At Events

Fun events with memorable merch is a great way to create brand awareness and loyalty!

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5 creative ways to use merch as giveaways at events

Are you looking for creative ways to use merch as giveaways at your next event? If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll share five clever ideas for using promotional items as prizes and gifts. So whether you're planning a company party or a trade show booth, read on for some great inspiration.

Give attendees a free branded tote with a t-shirt, stickers, buttons, or other small items with cool artwork from your company

Nothing says “brand loyalty” quite like free swag! Provide attendees with a free branded tote and make sure to include some seriously cool artwork featuring your company logo. T-shirts, stickers, buttons and other small items are all great options that attendees can use to show off their appreciation for your brand. This not only helps make your event more memorable, but also provides attendees with a lasting token of the event and your company. Make sure you create great artwork though; after all, why should attendees parade around in something they don’t actually want to wear? Invest in quality products and make sure it looks cool - after all, you have an image to protect! If you need help with your artwork, we got you - we provide free artwork services with your order! You can focus on the event while we can create some amazing artwork to really wow your customers.

Give away branded wine glasses or beer mugs to create a fun environment and a great gift to take home

This is the perfect solution for any occasion - give away drinkware with a brand logo that your guests can keep and drink in style! Just imagine how much fun they will have when sipping on their favorite drink from a branded wine glass or beer mug. Not only will this create a great atmosphere and be a fun addition, but it also serves as an awesome appreciation gift for your guests, leaving them with something to remember your event. Plus, everyone loves being able to drink in style, so why not provide them with that feeling?

Set up a photobooth with wearable props and backdrops that have your company's branding

Setting up a photobooth at your next corporate event is a great way to get people interacting and having fun while still promoting your brand. Give your guests some fun props to wear in the booth, like oversized sunglasses or hats, and make sure the backdrops are branded with your company's logo or slogan. Definitely try to incorporate some items that are unique to your business so the customer has a lasting impression that ties your business, what you offer as a service/product, and fun all together in one! Encourage the guests to post to their social media and assign a specific hashtag to further spread the word about your awesome business!

Host a company carnival with company merch as all the prizes

Host a corporate carnival with a twist: make all the prizes your own company-branded merchandise! Instead of awarding stuffed animals, give out branded t-shirts, mugs and tote bags. Give customers a fun way to interact with your brand by throwing an exciting carnival complete with food, games and an array of prizes. Not only will the attendees have a great time but the company will also benefit from gaining exposure and furthering its reputation. Plus, more visibility means more potential customers!

Create a mini golf course and the attendees get to keep the branded golf balls. A hole in one on the last hole wins a grand prize related to your business.

Nothing beats a good game of mini golf for summer fun, especially when there’s something at stake! Here's something for your customers to try – create a mini golf course with specially branded golf balls. With every successful hit and putt comes the possibility of winning a grand prize! This grand prize doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant; tie it in with your business by giving back something that can help give customers an appreciation and understanding of what you do. That way, everyone wins by playing - even the attendees pocket something from this business-friendly competition. You could even create a hole in one competition at the end and the first person to make it wins a grand prize that ties back to your company.  So get those clubs ready and sharpen your putting skills!

We hope you found these ideas helpful and that you'll consider using them for your next event. If you're looking for more ideas or need help with implementation, our Merch Pros are here to help. Reach out to us today to get started planning your next big event!

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