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Stoked On Printing | Freshen up your company swag with a free on demand store

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John Doe, Ideaa Strategy

Online Company Stores Are The Future

Why our stores are awesome

Our On Demand Swag Stores take the headache out of ordering custom swag

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Say goodbye to plain and boring company stores! Stoked On Printing will create and manage an online company swag store - for free. We offer stylish and exciting swag that your employees will be proud to wear. With our easy-to-use store, you can order company swag for your employees, marketing initiatives, or events in a few clicks - with no upfront costs!

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Hassle-Free Swag Management

With Stoked On Printing, managing your swag is hassle-free. We take care of the entire process from design to delivery, so you don't have to worry about a thing. We also provide detailed tracking and reporting on orders if requested, so you can easily keep track of your swag.

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Convenient and Affordable

Our online store makes it easy to order your swag. We offer convenient and affordable options so you can get the swag you need without breaking the bank. We work with you to make sure that you get the perfect swag for your company, no matter the size or budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot of things to consider when opening up an online company store. Here's info to make you feel more confident about your decision!

How do I build my online company store?

We'll build your store for you! All we need is your logo, brand colors and the items you'd like to start with - we'll take care of the rest. Please fill out this form to request your store.

How long does it take to get my online company store live?

It takes anywhere from 7-10 business days on average to get your online company store live. It can be ask quick as 2 business days if you know all the products you want on your store!

What if I want to change something on my online company store?

All you have to do is reach out to our team at Let us know what you'd like us to change and we'll complete the request within 48 hours!

How do I pick the look of my online company store?

We currently offer four templates for your store. If you'd like to see the four options, please reach out to us at

How do my employees access my online company store?

All you'll need to do is send them the URL to access the store!

Where can I find a sample store?

We have many samples stores we can show you upon request. Here is a store that we currently have live for Allegiant Air!

What kind of products do you offer on demand?

We offer thousands of apparel and accessories for your on demand store! We offer t-shirts, hoodies, polos, hats, 1/4 zips, jackets, tank tops, backpacks, bags, drinkware and so much more! From price-conscious items to brand names like Nike, TravisMathew, The North Face and more!

What items are not offered on demand?

We don't currently offer promotional goods on demand. But don't fret - we can create bulk purchases for you, hold them in our warehouse, and ship them to your employees on demand!

How can I make a bulk purchase using my online on demand store?

Many of our customers will make bulk purchases right through the product page on their online store. Just add the quantity to your cart from the product page and a bulk price will automatically calculate in your cart. This is the perfect option for large teams to order their company swag!

What kind of decorations are available for my on demand products?

We currently offer direct to garment (DTG) printing and embroidery for on demand products.

How do I add a new product to my online company store?

You can email your account manager (which will be assigned to you at account creation), email us at or reach us via our Contact Us page with the product info you'd like to add!

What are the shipping costs?

Our domestic/USA shipping costs are $5.95 per package. Mexico and Canada rates are $14.95 per package. International shipping rates are $60 per package.

Can I place a bulk order and dropship to my employees separately?

Yes, absolutely! If you have a bulk order with drop shipments, please email your account manager or visit our Contact Us page and we'll take care of that for you.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do offer international shipping! The rate is about $60 per package, so we recommend shipping bulk purchases internationally to save on costs.

How much does an online company store cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero! We offer free online stores to our customers because we want it to be a helpful tool for you, not a liability.

Your online stores are free... what's the catch?

There's no catch at all. You're probably wondering how we make money: we make money from the production of the products themselves. Once your employee places an order, we print or embroider it, and charge for the production of that item. Simple as that!

Can I also make additional revenue using my store?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you'd like to make additional revenue from your store, let us know ahead of time. We will add an additional amount to each product. Each time an order is placed, that additional revenue will go into your account.

I want my employees to use the store, but I want to pay for their employee swag. How can I do that?

Great question! We can create tokenized coupons that will be employee specific. The coupons will be prepaid for by you and your employees can use to them to purchase their swag free to them. If this option doesn't work for you, please reach out to us

Sit Back & Relax While Your Store Does The Work

We take care of the entire process from design to delivery, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Why should I use an online company store?

We know the concept of having an online swag store for your company may sound strange, but by 2030, this will be the way most people are ordering their company gear. It's a way to centralize all purchases, reduce over purchasing, and most importantly, save you time (and sanity)! Keep reading to find out some other major benefits of having an online company store.

Key Features:

Swag Store Flexibility

Our online company swag stores provide a ton of flexibility.

• On-Demand Swag

We have thousands of on-demand swag options. No upfront costs. Created and sent directly to your people at the time of purchase.

• Bulk Swag

Bulk ordering your most popular products will save you money and we will ship them directly to your employees or headquarters. Bulk discounts will auto-generate in your cart!

• Pre-Order Store

We can open your store to employees for a specific timeframe, gather the orders and bulk fulfill them all at the same time to get you the best pricing!

• Hybrid Swag Model

Offers pre-approved items that can be bulk ordered. We can place orders in batches as they come in or you can bulk order through your swag store. The possibilities of your swag store are pretty awesome!

Swag Account Management

Don't want to handle swag orders anymore? We got you! Our Swag Stores take the headache out of ordering custom swag. Your time is valuable and we're here to save you time on your swag orders!

• Stoked Swag Stipend

The most convenient and hands-free way is to pass out codes to your employees with a preselected stipend for their swag. They pop onto the store, pick the items they want and check out using their voucher - it's as simple as that. They'll be so stoked to see the items arrive to their doorstep in a few days!

• Open To The Public

This is just like a traditional ecommerce store. Anyone that lands on your online store can order using their personal funds or a company card. This is a simple and familiar way of shopping that can also help cover some of your merch costs!

• Admin Oversight

Some Swag Stores are used to buy swag for marketing initiatives or VIP clients. Every order can go through an approval process and will only be released to fulfillment once the admin has approved it. This is a great option for people planning on using their stores for bulk ordering because it allows for better budgeting!

• Hybrid Account Model

Want a combination of the Account Management you see above? No problem! Let us know at the time of account creation and we'll take care of it you.

Ways To Use A Swag Store

Stoked Swag Store Design

Stoked On Printing has a seasoned group of Designers and Account Managers to make sure everything about your custom Swag Store fits your brand. Send us your logo, brand guidelines, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll have your store built within a week!

Here's a few Swag Stores we've built for our clients:

TAO Group
Allegiant Air
Shirts With A Purpose

Stoked Merch Packs

Need new hire merch packs for all your eager new brand ambassadors? Looking to hand out some cool new swag at your corporate picnic? Excited to increase your brand recognition at a conference? Stoked Merch Packs are an awesome way to do that. Fully custom packaging packed with awesome company swag is the perfect way to deliver your merch. Whether you order them in bulk for a specific event or want us to store them to fulfill per order, we've got it handled. Stoked Merch Packs provide a unique experience that is sure to 'wow' the person that receives it!