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5 Ways to Get Your Brand Retail Ready

Hang tags, printed sizing labels, and more!

5 Easy Ways To Get Your Brand Retail Ready!

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For brands that feel like they've found their niche, the next step can be making your products look ready for retail or ecommerce. Adding some finishing items to your garments can really take your brand to the next level and deliver an amazing experience for you customers! Below we'll talk about 5 easy ways to get your brand retail ready!

Hang Tags

Hang tags are a great way to get your products retail ready! It adds a custom factor to your brand that makes it look very professional. It allows for additional information, such as your website, social media handles, and UPCs, which provide tons of value for your customers. A super cool part about hang tags is that you can make stickers out of your hang tags to provide an extra wow-factor and piece of marketing collateral!

Printed Sizing Labels

Printed Sizing Labels are a cost effective way to make a fully customized garment. Many brands will add their website, social media handles, or a QR code to deliver a truly custom experience. You can also keep it simple and add your logo along with the care instructions and product makeup.

Folded and Bagged

Fold and bag is a great addition to your garments, especially if you are an ecommerce brand or hold large amounts of inventory. It not only will keep your garments protected from dust and other elements, but it will make organization simpler and optimize your operations. Fold and bagged items will also slide into poly mailers easily and your products will have an extra layer of protection when shipped!


Adding UPCs at the Stoked On Printing facilities will make inventorying your items much easier. Everything can be taken right from the boxes, scanned, and placed on the store floor or housed for ecommerce sales immediately!


Folding can require a ton of labor, especially when you have large orders. We can fold your items for you ahead of time so you can take them directly from the box to shelf in a matter of minutes!

We really appreciate you taking the time to check out this video! If you'd like to add some of the finishing items to your next order or chat with our team about your next order, email is at or check us out on

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