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Bella Canvas Office & Warehouse Tour Vlog!!

Hey Everyone!

We are super excited to release our first vlog! This is something we will be doing a whole lot more of and if you have anything you'd like to hear from us on anything, please let us know :)

For the first blog, we thought we'd do something big, so we are showing the tour of the brand new Bella Canvas office and also their warehouses. I hope you enjoy!

We met for breakfast at the headquarters before we were getting on a bus to head over to their cutting facility, USA Sewing facility and their distribution center. It was such an impressive entrance and right in the middle of Beverly Hills. This is the home to Bella Canvas, but they also own Alo which is a huge brand in its own right.

The first stop after breakfast was their USA sewing facility. This was actually their first warehouse and office which was really cool to see as we had just come from their absolutely beautiful new office. It really brought home just how much hard work, perseverance, focus and a great culture can take you places beyond your wildest dreams. So at this facility they are cutting the fabric and sewing on site for their USA made products. This is a much smaller area of their business compared to what we saw later on.

I didn't get a great shot, but there was a point in the tour of this ware house where we went to an outside garden right off a very modest breakroom. However the story behind the making of this garden really hit home as it wasn't much, but they wanted to build a culture of collaboration and unity within their team and this garden was a place where team members could come together and get some fresh air and commune.

After the first warehouse we went to their distribution facility which was an incredible site to see. The massive scale of this building is really hard to put into words which is good that I have video, but even then you really have to see firsthand to feel the grandiosity of this warehouse.

When you first walk in you are met with some of the smaller order fulfillment for B&C website sales.

From there we walk down aisles and aisles completely filled with boxes of product. When you look online and you see numbers, it's easy to pass over and not think much of it, but when you see hundreds of thousands pieces of product in person you realize how difficult what these companies are doing on a daily basis to help support businesses like us.

Right past all the bulk side of Bella we came to the Alo side of the warehouse (again they are all a part of the same company).

So with Alo they are completely direct to consumer and have a large online presence and physical retail locations. So since this is direct to consumer they are picking and fulfilling online orders which can be a few pieces or also fulfilling orders for the brick and mortar retail which can be quite a bit. Sooo now we will talk about the robots! To help aid their employees they have implemented these robots that travel around with different sized bins. I don't claim to be the robot expert here, but I will explain how I understood these robots to be working.

- An employee at a shipping station would get an order and then load a bin onto the robot which would also get a scan to let them know what products in the order.

- From there the robot would go on its way to the locations that house the products.

- So these robots work in conjunction with people and there would be multiple working a row or zone.

- Once the robot reached the location of the product in the order it would then stop and flash a green light which let know that person working the row or zone that it needs assistance.

- The person would then go to the robot and on the screen would show what bin location is needed and the person would pick that piece and place into the designated bin.

- Once the piece is in the bin, the person clicks a button on the screen which sends the robot onto its next destination or back to the shipping department.

This was seriously so cool to see in person and just goes to show that Bella Canvas is really innovating and investing to not only make the people who work for them lives better, but also helps the end consumer get their orders faster and more accurate.

The last stop before returning back to the offices was their cutting facility which like the fulfillment warehouse was something to see!

The way that Bella Canvas produces products is that they actually dye and cut the material right here in downtown LA! Once the product is cut it is then loaded onto pallets that are shrink wrapped and then sent to Central America to be sewn together. I can't speak to the exact strategy behind this, but I do believe it is much more cost effective as well as there is a much larger talent pool for sewers than here in the US.

Last stop on the tour we went back to the headquarters for a full on tour and to not be out done by its warehouses, it was such an unbelievable building. Again for them to invest this amount of money on a place for their employees to come and work really shows their level of dedication and commitment to getting high end talent to work there.

Thanks so much for watching and stay tuned for more vlogs to come!!

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