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How to save money with custom merch

When it comes to marketing your company, there are a lot of ways to spend money. You can buy ad space, sponsor events, or hand out promotional items. But one way to really get your brand out there is with custom merch. Customized t-shirts, hats, mugs, and more can help you spread the word about your business while also saving you money in the long run. Here's how:

Design your own custom t-shirts, mugs, or tote bags with your company logo

Give your brand a boost with custom t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags! With the help of our design tools you can create something truly unique for your business. Choose from any number of colors and designs, or even upload your own logo so you can make an item that truly fits what you're looking for. You'll be sure to stand out amongst the competition with these custom products. And beyond just being stylish and eye-catching, they are also affordable, durable, and easy to customize! So why wait? Start creating custom products with your company's logo today!

Order in bulk to get a discount from the printer

It's a savvy move to order your materials in bulk, especially if you’re working with the same printer again and again. Not only is it convenient and time-saving to have the full amount already printed, but you can also quite often get a significant discount when ordering a large quantity. If your business or organization relies on printed materials like newsletters, brochures and posters, order a few extra copies once or twice a year for future use. You'll be glad you did! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be ready for any unexpected projects that come up. Make sure to double check all the possible bulk benefits with your printer before committing - it could really pay off in the long run.

Sell your custom merch online or at events

Selling custom merch is an excellent way to promote your brand and increase revenue. By taking advantage of online or in-person outlets, you have the potential to reach audiences everywhere! Through online sales, customers from all over the world can purchase your products, creating a large customer base for your business. If you choose to sell at events such as tradeshows and exhibitions, this not only gives you the chance to meet your customers face-to-face but also increase recognition of your brand in the public eye. No matter what avenue you take, selling custom merch is an easy and efficient way to expand your audience and advance your business.

Give away some of your merch for free as promotional items

If you are looking for an effective and budget-friendly way to get the word out about your business, consider giving away some of your merch for free as promotional items. This type of promotion can help to spread awareness of your brand by providing customers with tangible reminders of your products or services. It also helps to create a positive relationship between your customers and your business since they know that you appreciate and value them. Furthermore, simply giving something away cheaply can encourage impulse buying amongst consumers, so if you're looking to boost sales in the short-term it could be beneficial. Offering freebies is an excellent way to make an impression on potential customers and to keep existing ones loyal, so don't discount it as a powerful marketing tool!

In conclusion, creating custom t-shirts, mugs, or tote bags with your company’s logo is a great way to increase brand awareness and gain customers. With just a few simple steps you can turn your creative ideas into tangible products. Plus, ordering in bulk allows you to receive discounts from the printer that can help your business save money. You can either sell your custom merch online or at events. It’s also beneficial to give away some for free as promotional items so people know about your brand and its products. Designing and selling unique merchandise is a great method of expanding your business, increasing profits, and bringing in more customers.

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