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Shirts With Purpose - Stoked On Printing Gives Back

Stoked On Printing's way of giving back and spreading awareness

Shirts With Purpose - Stoked On Printing's way of giving back and spreading awareness

Hey everyone,

This is a project that is really special to us and we're really excited to get it off the ground! Since the beginning we've wanted to be at a place that allowed us to give back; we've found a way that will allow us to consistently do that and it's through something we know really well - shirts!

Our new side project is called Shirts With Purpose. Every shirt is designed with a specific non-profit organization in mind and the proceeds from each shirt will be donated to these organizations. Every purchase directly benefits the organization and those they help, but individuals that wear these shirts will also raise awareness for the causes they want to support - shirts are the perfect way to wear your heart on your sleeve! Wearable Awareness - as we see it.

Our amazing in-house artists came up with the designs and we'll continue to push out new designs! Along with shirts, we have some other home goods available. Keep a look out for more designs and organizations that we support!

Thank you all for your continued support in us and the Stoked Family!

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