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Stoked On Printing - Screenprint Shop Tour - Part 1

We're going to take you on a shop tour of our screen printing facility!

We're going to take you on a shop tour of our screen printing facility!

Hey Everybody!

We want to take some time to give you a tour of our screen print facility!

When we opened up our first location and bought our first Workhorse press, figuring out how to organize our shop was a difficult task. Finding the perfect place for the press, finding a room dark enough to burn screens (aka the bathroom), where the wash out station would go (aka the bathroom again haha), and so many other intricacies of the layout were so daunting to us. Now we've grown to 3 automatic presses, 1 manual press, a full automatic screen burning room, screen reclaiming station and much more in almost 20,000 sq ft of space! We've worked really hard to get to this point and have also been really lucky, too. We wanted to share this as a source of inspiration for those that are just starting out or hitting some growing pains; keep going, you got this!

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Thanks for watching and stop by next week to check out our other videos/content.

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