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What We're Stoked On - Pigment & Garment Dyed Products

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read our first segment of What We’re Stoked On! In these posts we’ll be covering trends, decoration styles and other things that we’re stoked about.

Independent Trading PRM4500 - Pigment Alpine Green


A huge trend that blew up last year was vintage looking garments with an extremely comfy, lived-in look. The garments that we’re seeing out in stores and online are probably Pigment Dyed or Garment Dyed! ‘What’re Pigment Dyed and Garment Dyed products?’ you’re probably asking yourself. Well, allow me explain!

Comfort Colors 1566 - Crimson


Pigment dyeing is a post-production process that consists of applying a pigment to the outer layer of the sewn garment and doesn’t actually embed into the fabric. Garment dyeing is also a post-production process that utilizes a finished garment, but these garments are dyed all the way through to the inner layers of fabric. Although these two processes are different, they result in similar looking finished garments with a vintage-look, super soft and comfortable wearability with a hand-crafted touch. In both dyeing techniques, the garment will accept the dye in a different way, giving each piece a unique look!

Independent Trading PRM50STPD - Pigment Black
Comfort Colors 6014 - Chalky_Mint


Aside from the soft, vintage look, an other unique feature of garment and pigment dyed products are the colors of the garments. They tend to be pastel, light-washed colors that really drive home the soft and care-free aesthetic. The colors are a perfect addition to spring-summer collections andthe comfortable, cozy textures make them must-haves for fall-winter collections!

Comfort Colors 1566 - Pepper


Independent Trading Co. and Comfort Colors have really put together a heavy-hitter collection in the garment dyed and pigment dyed space! They have a variety of garment weights, styles, and colors that you can add to your collection. Tonal prints, heritage style artwork, and classic embroidery all make great embellishments for these products. Think vintage band tees, your favorite sports team hoodie, and the most comfortable shorts you’ve ever worn –those are the perfect pieces of inspiration for your next launch!

Independent Trading PRM50PTPD - Sandstone
Los Angeles Apparel 1801GD - Light Grey


We’re seeing these techniques adopted across all segments of the apparel industry and we’re loving every bit of it.  If you’re looking to add any of these pieces to your next launch, check out some hand-picked items we love below:

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